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Firstly, thank you for writing for me (I'm damozel on AO3).

I have no real squicks/ DNWs: if you enjoy writing it, it's a strong bet I'll enjoy reading it. If there's a plot bunny that's been hopping around for some time, feel free to let it run wild...

I'm happy to receive fic rated extra Mature with a cherry on the top, right the way down the ratings... I enjoy both plotty adventures and writing that is more character or relationship-focussed. Lastly, don't feel obliged to write me a happy ending if your story works best another way.

As above, I'm very open to reading whatever it is you want to create. All the same, here are a few fairytale-specific prompts that appeal to me.

De vilde svaner | The Wild Swans - Hans Christian Andersen
The Brothers


I'd like to read an extract from Elisa's own guide to knitting/embroidery. How on earth did she manage the prickly task of stitching her brothers' shirts? I'm curious about the brothers' lives as swans by day and princes by night: was there rivalry or fun? And what about the poor youngest brother? How did he cope with a wing for an arm?

Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne | The Little Match Girl - Hans Christian Andersen
The Little Match Girl


A fix-it would be appreciated. Could a passer-by have intervened to help? I'd like to read back-story about The Little Match Girl and her grandmother; a present day AU would work here. I'd also like to hear more about their joyful new year spent together.

The Wanderings of Oisin - Yeats


how, when divided the girth,
I fell on the path, and the horse went away like a summer fly;
And my years three hundred fell on me, and I rose, and walked on the earth,
A creeping old man, full of sleep, with the spittle on his beard never dry

What if Oisin had kept his grip and never taken the fall that robbed him of his youth? What kind of tales would he tell? Any new adventures for Oisin and Niamh would be awesome, whether told in prose or verse (it can't hurt to ask!).

Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot | Snow-white and Rose-red

What if the Prince were transformed into an animal other than a bear? Would the girls still welcome him into their home?
After the curse is lifted, what if the girls find themselves at odds over the love of the Bear-Prince? Or perhaps they realise that he isn't the kind of man they were expecting?

Again, thank you for writing for me. I look forward to reading whatever you create!


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